Thank you for visiting our online pharmacy!

We’ve partnered with Covetrus to offer you the convenience of online ordering and Home Delivery.

While you are online shopping at home, you may remember that your four-legged child is running low on his daily medication. We are happy to provide the option to have all of your pet’s medication and supplies shipped directly to you. With our online pharmacy, you can set up your account and order medications for your pet in about 5 minutes.

  • Our online pharmacy prices are comparable to all major veterinary sites, and offer manufacturer rebates in addition to promotions that can be stacked together.
  • Free shipping on all autoship – have your prescription diets and long term medications shipped automatically so you never have to remember to call us for a refill. We will authorize the refill online.
  • Covetrus has all of their medications/supplies come straight from the manufacturer.
  • We are able to view your pet’s prescription on file which will help us maintain the highest standard of care for your pet.

Click the image to enter the store, and for 20% off your first order with autoship, use code “HELLO20” at checkout!