We see dogs and cats! Everyone’s pet deserves our best so we work by appointment only.
We offer routine and emergency care for our equine patients. We offer the flexibility of seeing patients on-farm or here at our facility, by appointment! Common services for horses include vaccinations and teeth floats. We suggest scheduling your annual Coggins Tests at least 2 weeks prior to the expiration date.
Whether you have a concern or a crisis with your pet’s health, or it’s simply time for an annual routine check-up, our doctors are here to check your furry friends from head to tail.
Most states within the US require a certificate of health completed by your veterinarian prior to interstate transportation. In most cases, certificates are good for 30 days. To receive a health certificate, the animal must come in for an exam and depending on the entry regulations for the destination state, vaccines may need to be updated as well.
Although the Rabies vaccine is the only vaccine that is required by law for cats and dogs, we do recommend additional vaccines for their wellness and protection against other transmittable diseases. We will make specific recommendations for your pet based on their current health and lifestyle.
Our highly trained and experienced staff and doctors provide moment by-moment care and monitoring before, during, and after surgery. We routinely offer spay, neuter, lumpectomy, and dental procedures. Other surgical procedures may be available on a case-by-case basis.
Our hospital is equipped with digital x-ray, giving you and the doctor the information you need in only a matter of moments.
Blood tests are often a crucial factor in diagnosing a sick pet’s condition and prescribing treatment. We also highly recommend blood work prior to anesthetic procedures, or as part of an annual wellness screening process.
We stay in close contact with representatives, and network with drug companies from across the country, ensuring that only top-of-the-line flea, tick, and heart worm prevention products are on our shelves and dispensed to our patients.
Known as “A lost pet’s best chance to get back home,” microchips are an excellent means of identification. We provide both the microchip and placement.
Although we do not have a groomer on staff and cannot offer haircuts, we are happy to provide nail trims, ear cleaning, and anal gland expression. We highly recommend Lickskillet Dog Grooming for your other grooming needs in the Warrenton area!
Pet dental care is an important part of your pet’s overall wellness. We offer thorough dental exams and perform dental cleanings under anesthesia to make your pet’s mouth clean and healthy again.

Please contact us for information on additional services available.