Feral Cat Colonies – What you need to know from the Vets!

We understand that feeding feral cat colonies comes from a place of compassion. However, feeding feral cat colonies only harms them!

When you feed stray cat colonies, it encourages cats to gather in large numbers. This not only encourages the spread of disease and increases fighting among them, it also leads to breeding and thus increasing the population exponentially.

Shelters are overrun with cats and kittens and more of them die because there are not enough homes to accommodate them.

If you see stray cats, please DO NOT feed them. If you want to help and you have the resources, please utilize Warren County’s TNR (trap, neuter, release) program. This program involves trapping stray cats, getting them spayed/neutered and releasing them. This allows the cat to live a healthy life in an environment that is comfortable for them without allowing them to reproduce and grow the problem.