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Lobby Etiquette


Our lobby can get quite busy and it can happen in the blink of an eye! Here are some lobby etiquette tips to ensure you have a great visit! All pets should be brought in either on a leash or in a carrier. Carriers work great for small dogs and cats! This not only

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Feral Cat Colonies


Feral Cat Colonies – What you need to know from the Vets! We understand that feeding feral cat colonies comes from a place of compassion. However, feeding feral cat colonies only harms them! When you feed stray cat colonies, it encourages cats to gather in large numbers. This not only encourages the spread of

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Dental Awareness for Dogs


Just like humans, dogs require regular dental care to ensure they lead happy and healthy lives. Dental health is often overlooked, but it plays a significant role in your furry friend's overall well-being. PREVENTING ISSUES Regular dental checkups can help prevent a myriad of dental issues such as plaque and tartar buildup, gum disease,

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Keeping Your Dog’s Coat Healthy and Beautiful


A Good Diet Is Essential Taking care of your dog’s coat is a crucial part of maintaining their health and well-being. The right grooming routine can promote a healthy and shiny coat while helping to prevent problems such as skin irritation, parasites, or hair loss. A dog’s coat isn’t just for show either—it plays

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